In an effort to address Yates community members’ wishes and demands for fair & effective governance this website will provide:

Our Vision for Yates Township

Our township is a place where everyone's vision of sanctuary can be intertwined into a community. We recognize our diverse community populations of Lake Connamara, Yates Acreage and Idlewild Proper. We welcome and respect various perspectives and knowledge as a way to build, learn and work to create an economically, culturally and socially stronger Yates Township. With a focus on honoring our elders and embracing our youth, each citizen is valued physically, mentally, emotionally and financially and allowed to flourish with admiration.

The local economy provides ordinary people decently paid, meaningful work with reasonable freedom and provides services for social, political, educational and cultural activities to residents and visitors. We live life with abundance instead of being motivated by fear and scarcity. Our community recognizes the importance and utilization of up-to-date zoning and community planning practices and policies which will allow the integration of various business practices in community development efforts.

We believe that education and inclusion efforts will foster the understanding that we must preserve Idlewild’s legacy. Protecting its longevity as a designated historic landmark as well as maintaining our township’s natural habitat and the small town feel, is paramount to the entire Yates Township’s sustainability. Continued efforts of structural integrity improvements as well as landmarks and parks, creates community rejuvenation and pride.

If you have similar beliefs then let us work together to move Yates Township toward that vision.

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