Register to vote in Yates Township

Why every Idlewild Homeowner Family & Idlewild Residents need to have at least one vote in Yates Township.

Michigan Residents with Michigan Driver’s License or Michigan State ID may use this link to register to vote in Yates Township using this link .

From the Office of Elections Operations Manager

Michigan Department of State – Bureau of Elections

In order to register in Michigan, you will need to establish your Michigan residency. Traditionally, this is done through providing a Michigan Driver’s License or State ID but this is not required. You can establish residency by providing an official document (current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government document or any other government document) showing you live at a Michigan address. **Because you do not have a Michigan identification, you cannot perform your transactions through any online portal. You will have to complete the transaction through the mail or either in person at the jurisdiction your Michigan address is assigned. You can look that up here. Scroll down to Search for your city/township clerk and enter the Michigan address to find the contact for your local Michigan clerk. You will need to provide your out of state identification to verify your name (a copy if through the mail) but this is not to establish residency. When completing you may also want to have a conversation with your local clerk about your mailing address and how to contact you when you are not physically located in Michigan. There are options for mailing some voter related information to alternate addresses, but it’s important for your local clerk to understand where you are located at certain times of the year.

State of Michigan Voter Registration Application via Mail In/Drop Off

State of Michigan Voter Registration Application - MAIL IN/DROP OFF and Michigan Driver’s License/State Identification Card Address Change Form Instructions - LINK .